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joi, 26 aprilie 2012

The most expensive and largest destroyer built by the United States

The first of three commissioned destroyers, the Zumwalt, is the most expensive and largest destroyer built by the United States to date. The new destroyer’s exorbitant cost is almost seven billion dollars, and is the result of dozens of new prototype systems installed in the warship’s hull and control room. The Zumwalt can fire rocket propelled warheads as far as one hundred miles, and features a wave piercing hull and new stealth technology. While in excess of six-hundred meters long, the ship will only need about half the crew of a normal destroyer due to increased automated technology and weapon systems. The Zumwalt is by far the largest, heaviest, and most expensive destroyer built for the U.S. Navy in its existence.

The technology laden warship represents the Navy’s future as told by several high ranking Navy admirals, who had originally opposed the destroyer’s building due to its immense cost and inclusion of experimental technology that has yet to prove itself in battle. Though reviews are generally positive by military officials, there are still those who vehemently oppose the creation of this behemoth of a destroyer. Those not won over by the ship’s long range missile capabilities are quick to point out that it is not as effective in missile and point defense as other destroyers, who are primarily used for escort and fire support missions. The Zumwalt and ships like it would be increasingly vulnerable if it ever had to provide support close to the coastline, but its long range missile capabilities would render it unnecessary to loiter at close range to enemy weapon systems. However, a top heavy hull could leave the ship incredibly unstable at extreme conditions such as high winds and heavy waves.
The Zumwalt, and destroyers in construction like it, are now viewed as a crucial part of President Obama’s Asia-Pacific strategy. This plan sees increasing the number of long range and interdiction Navy ships patrolling off the coast of Asian countries in the Pacific. This new strategy was proposed in reaction to China’s influence as a rising world military power. The strategy places numerous destroyers and carriers in the region for quick responses any military action by countries long seen as potential adversaries to the United States.
However, the Zumwalt’s cost could potentially derail the program before it even churns out a dozen of the warships. The cost, originally predicted at three to four billion per ship, skyrocketed to seven billion after research and installation of experimental weapon systems was factored into the equation. The initial order of thirty-two dwindled to twenty-four, and then further to just seven. Months later the order was revised to just three of the expensive craft. The Zumwalt’s new technology could possibly bring huge change in the art of ship based warfare, but the prohibitive cost and dwindling production numbers may relegate this ground breaking craft to just a footnote in the Navy’s long history.

miercuri, 25 aprilie 2012

Submarine Structure & Systems: "The Submarine: Construction" pt2-2 1955 US Navy

The submarine shown at the end of the film is the USS Tusk, SS-426, a Balao class submarine which was sold to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 1973, and, as of 2008, was still in use at Kaohsiung Naval Base, under the name Hai Pao, numbered SS-792.

USS Tusk (SS-426), a Balao-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for the tusk, an alternate name for the cusk, a large edible saltwater fish related to the cod. Her keel was laid down on 23 August 1943 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by the Cramp Shipbuilding Company. She was launched on 8 July 1945 sponsored by Mrs. Carolyn Park Mills, and commissioned on 11 April 1946 with Commander Raymond A.

The Balao class was a successful design of United States Navy submarine used during World War II, and with 122 units built, the largest class of submarines in the United States Navy. An improvement on the earlier Gato class, the boats had slight internal differences. The most significant improvement was the use of thicker, higher yield strength steel in the pressure hull skins and frames, which increased their test depth to 400 feet (120 m). Tang actually achieved a depth of 612 ft (187 m) during a test dive, and exceeded that test depth when taking on water in the forward torpedo room while evading a destroyer.


The propulsion of the Balao-class submarines was generally similar to that of the preceding Gato-class. Like their predecessors, they were true diesel-electric submarines: their four diesel engines powered electrical generators, and electric motors drove the shafts. There was no direct connection between the main engines and the shafts.

Balao-class submarines received main engines from one of two manufacturers. Fairbanks-Morse supplied Model 38D8-⅛ opposed piston engines, and General Motors' Electro-Motive Diesel division supplied Model 16 V16 engines. Earlier Fairbanks-Morse boats received a 9-cylinder version of the Model 38D8-⅛, while boats from USS Sand Lance (SS-381) onward received 10-cylinder engines. Earlier GM boats received Model 16-248 engines, but beginning with USS Perch (SS-313) Model 16-278A engines were used. In each case, the newer engines had greater displacement than the old, but were rated at the same power; they operated at lower mean effective pressure for greater reliability...

Two manufacturers supplied electric motors for the Balao-class. Elliott Company motors were fitted primarily to boats with Fairbanks-Morse engines. General Electric motors were fitted primarily to boats with General Motors engines, but some Fairbanks-Morse boats received GE motors. Allis-Chalmers motors were to be used in SS-530 through SS-536, but those seven boats were cancelled before even receiving names.

Earlier submarines carried four high-speed electric motors (two per shaft), which had to be fitted with reduction gears to slow their outputs down to an appropriate speed for the shafts. This reduction gearing was very noisy, and made the submarine easier to detect with hydrophones. A handful of late Balao-class submarines received low-speed double armature motors which drove the shafts directly and were much quieter, but this improvement was not universally fitted until the succeeding Tench-class. As the diesel engines were not directly connected to the shafts, the electric motors had to drive the shafts all the time.

The Balao class was successful, and one of its class USS Archer-Fish (SS-311) brought down what remains the largest ship sunk by a submarine, the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano (59,000 tons).

As of 2007 USS Tusk (SS-426), a Balao-class submarine, was one of the last two operational submarines in the world built during World War II. It was transferred to the Republic of China in the early 1970s...

marți, 17 aprilie 2012

Use a Better Browser

Maxthon 3 comes with a browser engine that draws web pages 200% faster than Google Chrome. See for yourself. Not sure? See what others say about the speed of Maxthon. No other browser does more right out of the box. Maxthon 3 comes with free cloud services: store your bookmarks and notes securely on the web for anytime, anywhere access. Share screen grabs with the built-inSnap feature; To make a quick jump to power user watch this video or check out What´s New in Maxthon.

marți, 10 aprilie 2012

DUO magnetic Turbomag Fuel Saver for ALL Cars and Truck

Enjoy these benefits of Magnetic Fuel Saver

50% reduction of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons

1.  Save fuel, save money, more miles per gallon 
2.  50% reduction of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons 
3.  Helps pass emission testing
4.  High octane performance with lower octane fuel
5.  Improved performance - quicker starts
6.  Stops scale build-up and corrosion in engine  
7.  Reduced wear on O2 sensor and catalytic converter 

8.  Up to 30% Increase in Engine Life 
9.  Up to 50% Reduction in Carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbon 
10.  Up to 10% to 22% Fuel Savings
11.  Does NOT void vehicle warranty
12.  Works on all vehicle including diesel
13.  Save Up to $500 to $1,500 a Year and more  
14.  No cutting of the fuel line
15.  Up to 10 Horse Power Increase
16.  0% Maintenance for Life 

The Fuel Saver can be used in:

PDFZilla PDF to Word Converter 3.0.3

PDF To WORD Converter is a handy and reliable application designed to turn PDF files into Word documents. PDF to Word Converter lets the user convert single and multiple files in three steps. To convert to DOC, it's necessary to add a file or a batch of files to the program, select the output folder and click "Start Converting Now".

Using its sophisticated document analysis and conversion engine, PDF to Word Converter processes files with much accuracy, preserving the layout, text and images, so the output looks like a mirror copy of the original, only in DOC. Restricted PDF files are decrypted automatically and their content becomes editable again. No Microsoft Word software is needed because the new program relies entirely on its own engine for Word conversion.

Program Features
• Editable - Edit Your PDF Documents In MS WORD.
• High Quality - Keep ALL Text and Graphic Data.
• Easily - Convert PDF To WORD Format Just In Only 3 Clicks.
• Decyption - Auto Decrypt Restricted PDF To WORD Format.
• Batch Mode - Convert HUNDREDS of PDF Documents at One Time. Teach Yourself German

vineri, 6 aprilie 2012

Logitech Harmony Link te ajuta sa controlezi dispozitivele electronice din casa folosind iDevice-uri

Logitech Harmony Link este un accesoriu care permite posesorilor de iPhone/iPod Touch-uri si de tablete iPad sa controleze televizoare, dvd playere, sisteme audio plus multe altele folosind o aplicatie dedicata si o conexiune wireless. In clipul video de mai sus avem prezentata intreaga tehnologie si ea este reprezentata de un dispozitiv care face un Wi-Fi HotSpot pe care il accesati de pe un iDevice si care va permite sa controlati aproape orice dispozitiv din casa voastra. Accesoriul companiei Logitech controleaza totul folosind un senzor infrared deci nu trebuie sa aveti dispozitive electronice pe care sa le controlati prin Wi-Fi sau Bluetooth.
Logitech Harmony Link recunoaste peste 250.000 de dispozitive de la peste 5000 de producatori deci sansele ca televizorul sau sistemul vostru audio sa nu fie suportat sunt extrem de mici. Desi aplicatia pentru iOS este disponibila gratuit in App Store, accesoriul fizic trebuie cumparat pentru 100$ din magazine sau de pe site-ul producatorului si mai multe informatiiputeti afla aici.

Logitech Harmony Link is a small device that connects to your home Wi-Fi® network. It turns signals from the Harmony Link app into infrared commands that can control your TV, set-top boxes, music systems and many other home entertainment devices. It even has an IR mini blaster that allows it to send signals through closed cabinet doors. Your tablet or smartphone may already be the center of your digital world. Now you can use it to control your entire home entertainment system, too. We support 5000+ brands and 225,000+ different device models with more added every day, so you can be sure you’ll have control over what you own today and tomorrow.


Acme CAD Converter 2012 v8.2.6

Acme CAD Converter is a power bacth DWG converter, it can convert DWG DXF and DWF files into PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, PCX, TIFF, PNG, TGA, DXF, DWG, SVG, SVGZ, CGM, EPS, HPGL(PLT,HGL) etc., and also supports the conversion between DWG and DXF file versions (AutoCAD R2.5-R2012). Supports replacing missing font file. Supports bacth transmit command like AutoCAD,and batch recover drawing files. It can export layers information into the PDF file and it allows you export OLE entity and raster entity into PDF file, Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal. Supports user-defined Watermark...


Supports to open various DWG,DXF formats ( R2.5-R2012 ) and DWF;
Supports to save DWG and DXF into DWF format(Beta).
Identify literal fonts and entity color correctly;
Supports batched conversion of multiple files;
Supports to select the printout of color or monochrome raster file; set background color freely;
Print out raster mask file; be used as image channel (used in Photoshop etc.);
Replaces font files.
Sets the size of raster file to be printed out freely;
Supports full-screen mode ( press F );
Supports printing;
Supports AutoCAD pen sets file (*.ctb).
Supports the paper setting of each layout, can adjust the size of output pages with its layout automatically.
Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal when convert DWG/DXF to other formats.
Supports user-defined Watermark.
Converts DWG to PDF;
Creates PDF bookmark automatically with layout name and file name, and you can edit them.
Supports PDF's security Options.
Can export OLE entity to PDF file;
Can export layer information and raster image in the dwg/dxf file to PDF file
Batch recover DWG/DXF files;
Can select a window area for conversion;
Exports the arc/circle objects to true arc/circle objects of other vector file.
Supports true color
Supports pen width and destination colors settings, and can export/import these settings;
SHX font, XRef and Image search path
Supports to separate layers to drawings(one drawing per layer).
What you see is what you get
Supports running on command line mode;
Free DWG viewer;
Register once and upgrade free permanently;
Supports Windows95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista,Window7,without AutoCAD;

Home Page:

YouTube now converting all 1080p video uploads to 3D

Last year, YouTube rolled out a beta feature that let users convert standard 2D videos to 3D with one click. While the feature is still in beta, YouTube is feeling confident enough in it to roll things out on a wider scale — now, every "short form" 1080p video uploaded to YouTube will automatically be converted to 3D. If you want to watch in 3D, there's now an option in the quality menu — just remember to bust out your 3D glasses.
YouTube also took a moment to explain some of the background on how its 3D conversion process works: part of the process involves machine learning based on the growing library of true 3D videos on YouTube. It also analyzes color, spatial layout, motion, and other video characteristics to estimate a depth map for each frame of a standard video. While we can't say this is a feature we've been longing for from YouTube, it's not that surprising to see the internet's biggest video site jump on the 3D bandwagon.

Google si ASUS planuiesc sa lanseze o tableta quad-core din seria Nexus care va costa 199$

Google si ASUS lucreaza de cateva luni de zile la o tableta quad-core care ar urma sa coste doar 199$ insa deocamdata prototipurile concepute de catre companii ridica pretul de achizitie pana la valoarea de 249$ si Google nu este prea multumita de acest lucru. Google vrea sa introduca o alternativa viabila pentru tableta Amazon Kindle Fire si produsul sau ar putea deveni exact ceea ce isi doreste compania. Vorbesc despre o tableta cu ecran de 7 inch care ar urma sa aiba un procesor quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 si la pretul de 199$ cred ca va fi extrem de cautata.
Desi tableta trebuia sa intre in productie in luna mai, Google a amanat planurile pentru a mai reduce 50$ din pretul final al dispozitivului si ramane de vazut daca decizia lor va fi una buna sau nu. Tableta lor va intra pe o piata in care nu exista prea multa concurenta deoarece Kindle Fire se vinde extrem de bine si restul tabletelor cu ecran de 7 inch nu prea au succes. Cu o tableta de acest gen Google ar putea afecta vanzarile tabletei iPad si ar putea fura o parte din cota de piata a produsului din Cupertino insa ramane de vazut cum se va prezenta “Google Nexus Tab”.

The Mountain View team plans to make some design changes and hopes to lower the price from the current $249. The tablet, made in partnership with Taiwan’s Asustek Computer, currently comes with a 7-inch screen, an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and is Wi-Fi-only. It runs Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The $249 price tag on the current Google-Asustek tablet is higher than previous reports of a $149-$199 device. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, another 7-inch tablet that retails for $199, is the obvious competitor that Google will be taking on in that size and price range.

joi, 5 aprilie 2012

Canon - Promotie Multifunctional Pixma MG5350 + CADOU

Scurta descriere
Calitate profesională avansată pentru acasă
Multifuncţionala ideală, cu 5 cartuşe separate de cerneală, pentru cei care apreciază caracteristicile puternice şi imprimarea de înaltă calitate. Tehnologia Canon FINE pentru capete de imprimare, cea mai bună din domeniu, cu picături de cerneală de minimum 1 pl, furnizează rezoluţii de imprimare de până la 9600 dpi pentru fotografii uluitoare, cu gradaţii fine şi imagini monocrome fără granulaţie. O fotografie fără margini în format 10 x 15 cm, la calitate profesională este imprimată în aproximativ 20 de secunde, la vitezele ISO ESAT excepţionale de 12,5 ipm pentru documente monocrome şi de 9,3 ipm pentru cele color*.

Operare simplă
Panoul de comandă centralizat, cu afişaj TFT color de 7,5 cm oferă utilizatorului o experienţă intuitivă, iar graţie sistemului de operare rapidă, funcţiile pot fi accesate fără efort.

Design elegant
Cu finisajul său compact şi elegant, integral negru, acest dispozitiv se încadrează perfect în orice locuinţă.

Conectivitate îmbunătăţită
Cu funcţia Wi-Fi încorporată, partajarea în locuinţă este simplă. Imprimaţi de pe şi scanaţi direct pe dispozitive mobile utilizând aplicaţia Easy-PhotoPrint. Compatibilitatea cu tehnologia AirPrint de la Apple* vă permite să imprimaţi direct de pe iPad şi iPhone.

Imprimare prin servicii cloud
Parcurgeţi şi imprimaţi fotografiile dvs. favorite direct pe imprimantă din albume online stocate în CANON iMAGE GATEWAY** şi Google Picasa. Accesaţi calendare, materiale de papetărie şi alte şabloane imprimabile la cerere fără a utiliza PC-ul***.

Manevrare versatilă a materialelor
Descoperiţi flexibilitatea cu funcţia de imprimare automată faţă-verso pentru a utiliza ambele feţe ale hârtiei şi alimentarea cu hârtie pe 2 căi, care vă permite să încărcaţi simultan hârtie simplă şi hârtie foto. Puteţi imprima direct pe discuri CD, DVD şi Blu-ray® compatibile cu funcţia de imprimare directă pe disc.

Caracteristici ecologice
Aflaţi informaţii despre reducerea emisiilor de CO2 şi despre economiile de hârtie obţinute prin imprimarea faţă-verso cu ajutorul caracteristicii Informaţii ECO, pentru a vedea cum contribuiţi la protejarea mediului. Economisiţi energie utilizând funcţia de oprire automată - setaţi imprimanta să se oprească dacă nu este utilizată o anumită perioadă de timp.

Software avansat
Transformaţi momentele din filmele dvs. în imprimate superbe cu funcţia unică Full HD Movie Print de la Canon. Noile caracteristici includ Îmbinarea cadrelor şi Imprimare machetă pentru imagini mai impresionante. Fotografiile dvs. pot deveni şi mai interesante prin aplicarea de Efecte cu filtru distractive cu software-ul Easy-PhotoPrint EX. Utilizaţi software-ul Easy-WebPrint EX pentru a combina clipuri de pe mai multe pagini Web, astfel încât să imprimaţi doar ceea ce doriţi de pe Web. Fiţi creativ cu CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM, un serviciu online care vă permite să descărcaţi fotografii, ilustraţii, colaje de hârtie şi multe alte lucrări realizate de fotografi şi artişti recunoscuţi la nivel internaţional

Consumabile, Accesorii
Cum cumpar?
Model:Pixma MG5350
Tip hartie:A4
Viteza de printare alb/negru:12,5 ipm
Rezolutie la printare alb/negru:9600 x 2400 dpi
Viteza de printare color:9,3 ipm
Rezolutie la printare color:9600 x 2400 dpi
Printare fotografie 10 x 15 cm:20 sec.
Tip scanner:Scaner CIS color tip Flatbed
Rezolutia optica de scanare:2400 x 4800 dpi
Adancime culoare:48 biti/24 biti (intrare/iesire)
Nivele de gri:16 biti / 8 biti
Copii multiple:1-99
Capacitate hartie:Tava posterioara 150 de coli
Caseta 150 de coli
Tava pentru imprimare directa pe disc: 1 disc CD/DVD sau Blu-Ray imprimabil
Densitate medie:Tava posterioara: Hartie simpla de 64 pana la 105 g/m² si suporturi materiale Canon speciale acceptate de pana la aprox. 300 g/m²
Caseta: Hartie simplă: 64 - 105 g/m²
Printare CD/DVD:Da
Conectivitate:USB 2.0
Sisteme de operare
SO Microsoft:Windows 7 (32 si 64 biti) / Windows Vista (32 si 64 biti) / Windows XP SP2 / Windows SP3
SO Apple:Mac OS X v10.4.11 - 10.7
Caracteristici fizice
Lungime (mm):450
Latime (mm):366
Inaltime (mm):166
Greutate (kg.):8,3
Consum:22 W
Acustic:47 dBA

Apple TV 2G

The new Apple TV with 1080p HD gives you access to the best content — blockbuster movies, TV shows, sports, your music and photos, and more — right on your widescreen TV. You can even play content from your iOS devices on your TV using AirPlay. Best of all, Apple TV is just $99.
Watch 1080p HD movies and TV shows from iTunes. Play Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. Catch up on MLB, NBA, and NHL games — live or on demand. Enjoy your music and photos from iCloud. Stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay. Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote. In Stock Free Shipping $99.00 Apple TV at a glance.Visit the Apple TV site
  HDMI cable See Cables
  High-definition TV with HDMI and capable of 1080p or 720p
  Wired or wireless network See AirPort & Wireless
  iTunes Store account. Download iTunes

Accessories for your Apple TV.


How to Reset iPhone

  1. Reset the iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button at the top right of the device and the home button at the bottom center of the face at the same time.
  2. Hold them both until you see the screen go black. In some cases, you may need to keep holding them even after the red power off slider appears. If it does, just keep holding it.
  3. Wait until the white Apple logo appears.
  4. When this happens, you can let go - the iPhone is rebooting.
This reset process works on the:

How to Check iPhone 3GS New Bootrom / Old Bootrom (iBoot) Version

step 1: Put your iPhone into DFU Mode (not recovery mode)
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Turn iPhone off.
  • Start iTunes.
  • Hold Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds or so.
  • Release Power button but keep holding the Home button until your computer recognizes a new USB device.
  • iTunes will now recognize your iPhone.
Note: Your iPhone screen at this time should be blank (black in color), if not, then you are most likely in Recovery Mode, not DFU mode.
Step 2: Right Click on My Computer and click on: Properties -> Hardware (tab) -> Device Manager
Step 3: Select the “+” to open submenus tree items for "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller".
Step 4: Now look for "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver", right click and select Properties.
Step 5: Go to "Details" and find "Device Instance ID".
Step 6: Simply scroll through the string and you’ll find the bootrom version (iBoot) as shown in the screenshots below:
iPhone 3GS – Old Bootrom 359.3

iPhone 3GS – New Bootrom 359.3.2
Step 7: If it’s 359.3, you have old bootrom. If it’s 359.3.2 or anything above that, its a new bootrom.


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