miercuri, 2 mai 2012


1.Design your Blog (Price Starting From: $ 75.00 USD)
Do you want to create a unique blogger template for your blog.Do you have many ideas for a blog?Tell me your ideas.Then I can create a great premium blogger template for you.You will certainly get satisfied!!!

2.Convert Wordpress to Blogger (Price Starting From: $ 50.00 USD)

Do you want to convert a wordpress theme to blogger to add it for your blog?I can do it for you.Just send me your wordpress theme and I will return the blogger version of that theme.

3.Convert PSD / JPG / GIF to Blogger Layout (Price Starting From: $ 50.00 US)

Just send me your Images files and I will convert it into a great unique blogger template just for you!

4.Customize Your Blog (Price Starting From: $ 20.00 US)

This service include to customizable your own blog, for example:
If you want to change some features of your current blogger template such as add another sidebar, split header,create footer,change header image, background image, slider for featured posts, change post content width etc.

Do You have so many Ideas for a blog? But don't know how to make it? Tell me what you want! I will work hard to make a really great blog design for you. You will certainly get satisfied!

Contact me : catactro2@gmail.com

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