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Aveva Marine 12.1 Administration Design Equipment

Electrolytic antifouling reduces marine fouling and secures sufficient heat transfer.
Box coolers are affected by fouling and growth of animal organisms like algaes, barnacles, mussels, etc. To create a toxic environment for such biological fouling, copper ions are dissolved from copper anodes.
Copper rod anodes are located below the box cooler tubes to provide an even distribution of copper ions to the box cooler. The system control unit is continuously maintaining the correct current output in order to obtain sufficient amount of copper ions in the seawater surrounding the box cooler.
Box cooler maintenance is normally considerably reduced by the use of electrolytic antifouling.


  • If you want us to build special equipment in AVEVA Marine Design & Engineering Software - I can do it.If the model is well defined from drawings - enclosure - and photos - the model like the cooler in a similar quality will cost around US$ 150 if it is made for your company exclusive
  • If we allow to sell the model via our Web-page, we will down the price 75% - that means for the cooler – the price should be around US$ 75. Of course the price depend of the number of details.
  • If you have something you want us to build - you can always ask for a price.
  • Please snail-mail or E-mail material /documentation on the topic you want a tender.
  • I wish you great pleasure with the macros.

Vard Holdings Limited (“VARD”), one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of offshore and specialized vessels, is pleased to announce that it has secured a new contract with Island Offshore for the construction of one offshore support vessel. The total value of the contract is close to NOK 300 million.
The vessel is scheduled for delivery from Vard Brevik in Norway in 1Q 2016. The hull of the vessel will be delivered from Vard Braila in Romania. 

The Island Offshore Group is a leading provider of services to the offshore industry managing a fleet of 27 vessels. The vessels are currently operating in Brazil, West Africa and in the North Sea. In addition to this latest contract Island Offshore has five vessels under construction at VARD.

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