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Data Extraction in Command Window

So, for Data Extraction in MAR project you have to write in Aveva Command Prompt:
sx700 -proj=MAR -user=PHULL -pass=PHULL -mdb=/PLANARHULL or
sx700 -proj=MAR -user=SYSTEM -pass=XXXXXX -mdb=/ALL 

If you want to monitor the applications results in LogViewer, here is a sample of launching WCOG report, from command line, having an input file already written:
marjobstarter.exe -input "c:\TEMP\input_WCOG.DAT" -application "Hull Weight / COG" -proj=MAR -user=PHULL -pass=PHULL -mdb=/PLANARHULL

A portion of the example batch I was using for testing purposes is as follows in bold:

set exepath=%~dp0
set pdms_installed_dir=%exepath%
set aveva_marine=YES
set marine=YES
call %exepath%evars.bat %exepath:~0,-1%
rem sx700 < c:\temp\ > c:\temp\test.out -USER=RRR -PASS=OOO -PROJ=CCC -MDB=/KKK

Postby lucian.iorga » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:57 pm

I know that is not on the subject of this post but was anyone able to use macros in Aveva 12.0?
I'm trying to make a macro for clips using as example the model from Aveva Help but without any luck.
When I'm trying to run the macro gives me different errors like: "Meaningless symbol(s) in command line", "ERROR - Form/gadget name must begin with letter" ....a.s.o
Any help will be most appreciated. :shock:

AVEVA Marine -Tribon Comparison

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