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Top 3 Websites to Track Your Ship

The use of online vessel tracking services has increased exponentially over the last couple of years. Several websites provide ship tracking using the automatic identification system (AIS) to display real time location of the ships. Moreover, the introduction of Google Earth has revolutionized the ship tracking process, allowing access to each and every detail of almost all ships within seconds.
However, it is to note that ship tracking done through these services is only meant for educational purpose. Though most of these service providers promise “real-time” location of the ships, the data displayed is always behind by few minutes or even by several hours.

The most famous and widely used online ship tracking system offers real time data of ships along with advanced search features. The AIS system of the website boasts of a massive data base of ships of every type.   This service not only allows tracking ships but also various ports of the world.
This is another widely used ship tracking service online which allows vessel search through various options such as ship number, tonnage and capacity, ownership, construction etc. It also keeps a track of all ships searched by you and offers premium paid membership for advanced users.
3.  Fleet Mon
Fleet Mon offers almost all features provided by both marine traffic and ship finder. However, Fleet Mon has its own FM explorer which all registered users can use. Fleet Mon is one of the finest ship tracking services which also offers iphone and ipad apps.
Few more worth mentioning:

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